RealHer Collaboration with Ronald McDonald House® Orange County’s Sisterhood Brunch & Boutique Event

In a world where empowerment and support for women matter most, the partnership between RealHer Makeup and Ronald McDonald House Orange County (RMHOC) shines brightly. For the second year running, RealHer Makeup generously donated 250 lipsticks with empowering messages for the charity’s Sisterhood event, celebrating the power women have when they come together in love and support.

The mission of RMHOC is to provide comfort, care and support to families with children in need of medical care at local hospitals. Their Sisterhood Brunch & Boutique event was on Saturday April 27th, bringing together women of the charity to raise funds in support of past, present and future mothers navigating their own child’s medical journey. Its inspiration comes from the special bond alumni mothers who have stayed at the House have and the community of support that surrounds them – because healing happens together.

Attendees enjoyed a lovely brunch, boutique shopping, pampering sessions and activities created just for them. RealHer Makeup's mission resonates with RMHOC and their Sisterhood event. Their makeup isn't just pretty colors; it's makeup that empowers, while affirming strength, courage, and resilience. Each product is named after an affirmation, reminding them about their inner power and beauty.

During life's toughest moments, a swipe of lipstick with messages of empowerment can serve as a powerful reminder of inner strength. RealHer Makeup and RMHOC’s collaboration focus their path on the importance of self-love even in your most difficult times. Together, they embody the spirit of sisterhood, offering hope and support to women when they need it most.

In a world that often seeks to dim their light, this partnership shines brightly, showing that when women support each other, incredible things happen. Through their commitment to uplifting women, both RealHer Makeup and RMHOC prove that the power of sisterhood can change lives.

"As a family we experienced the compassion of RMDH. With only the clothes on our backs, Ronald McDonald House became our lifeline. When our little one faced heart failure at just three months old, needing urgent open-heart surgery, they were there for us. Their support went beyond just providing a roof over our heads. It gave us comfort, strength, and a feeling of belonging, like we had a home away from home. Forever grateful for the love and kindness that lifted us during our darkest times." Leslie Bodine Personal Story



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