Get More Out of Your Skincare with the RegenPen

Did you know you could be wasting your expensive skincare products? Get more out of your skincare routine with the RegenPen!

Increase product absorption and help improve your skin's texture, tone, and fine lines in the comfort of your own home. The RegenPen uses quick, stamping motions on the surface of your skin to painlessly increase nutrient absorption up to 97% without causing inflammation or irritation. Simply apply your favorite Lorde + Belle serum and glide the RegenPen across your skin to get the most out of your skincare products. 

Lorde + Belle’s Regenpen is a non-invasive nano-channeling pen that kickstarts the skin’s natural repair process to achieve immediate and long-term results while remaining gentle enough to be used around the eyes and on your lips.

The RegenPen’s various speed settings and sterile single-use silicon cartridges in three depths, sensitive, daily, and weekly, ensure a safe, customizable experience. 

This nano-channeling tool was consciously created exclusively for Lorde + Belle to help:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation 

  • Improve firmness, texture, and tone 

  • Increase collagen production, and

  • Improve skin's hydration 

And the results speak for themselves. In fact, during a third-party clinical trial, when used along with Lorde + Belle’s Repair Serum, the RegenPen increased skin hydration by 212%! The RegenPen is clinically proven to help increase hydration, and reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and dark circles.

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