Is Bacillus Ferment The Key To Ageless Beauty?

Prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic; very familiar terms now days, especially in the world of supplements. Everyone is raving about how this family of microorganisms and ferments are the key to a balanced gut flora, but did you know that applying them topically can be the key to an ageless skin?

Each one of us has its own distinctive combination of microorganisms that live on our skin, also known as skin microbiome. Knowing this may freak you out, but these microorganisms are vital for your skin’s functions. They form a protective layer on the skin that contributes to a healthy and young looking skin. Any disruptions to this community can lead to dysbiosis and this is manifested with acne, aging-skin, rosacea etc.

In this modern age, our skin is faced with multiple external and internal aggressors that lead to broken skin barrier. Starting from the UV rays that are becoming more dangerous due to thinning of ozone layer, changing temperatures, as well as poor diet.

Noticing these problems, Lorde + Belle, decided to use the power of science, to create a potent serum that will contribute to healthy and ageless skin.

Let’s define prebiotics and probiotics.
Probiotics are the living microorganisms on your skin that work hard to strengthen your skin barrier. Prebiotics are essentially food for the probiotics. Both, prebiotics and probiotics, work together so our skin can thrive. A very special prebiotic, found in Lorde + Belle Repair serum, is bacillus ferment.

What makes bacillus ferment so special

Bacillus ferment is a prebiotic found in an ancient underwater cave in Mallorca’s island. A unique microbial community, which was preserved for 3 million years, was isolated and a ferment extract was obtained, also known as bacillus ferment.

Bacillus ferment, also known as agebiotics, are essential to unlock your skin’s ageless properties.
This ferment stimulates the growth of representative microorganisms of cutaneous microbiata maintaining a balanced diversity.

What benefits brings bacillus ferment found in Repair Serum from Belle + Lorde?

1. Antioxidant power through bacillus ferment
As you may know by now, oxidative stress speeds up the aging process of the skin. UV rays are the main reason behind this. Bacillus ferment serves as a super food for your skin’s microorganisms that metabolize it and produce antioxidant metabolites. Studies show that these metabolites are far more potent than topical Vitamin C and Vitamin E commonly found in antioxidant serums.

2. Ageless skin
Beside from protecting the skin from pre-mature aging, it also helps with keeping the skin looking young and plump. Studies have shown that, bacillus ferment applied topically on the skin, helps with the synthesis of Collagen VII, Keratin, antioxidant enzymes and other agents that form skin structure. This will result in younger and more elastic skin. One clinical study, that involved 40-55 year old women, showed significant result only after 1 month. On the crow’s feet area, there was a 44% improvement in wrinkle are and
up to 61% improvement in wrinkle volume, while on the forehead, the efficacy of
bacillus ferment resulted in up to 85% improvement in wrinkle area.

This invisible ‘friend’ does so much for our skin. The clinical results are amazing, so make sure to add to cart Repair Serum and leave us a feedback.

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