Why Are All These Celebrities Raving About Lorde + Belle?

Brooke Burke’s honest opinion are part of a paid partnership with Lorde + Belle, and the beauty influencers cited here received free products in exchange for their unbiased reviews.


Trying a new skincare tool or product can be intimidating, especially when you’re looking for a way to achieve spa-quality results at home. There are a lot of tools on the market that supposedly increase skincare product penetration, so finding reputable sources whose opinions you trust is a necessity. Celebrities, television personalities, and beauty influencers spend countless hours in front of the camera, and that means finding products that genuinely improve the quality of their skin. Lorde + Belle is quickly building a high-profile fan base because the products actually work and are easy to use anytime anywhere. And some big names have been sharing their results on social media while proclaiming their love for our innovative brand.

A RegenPen Treatment Can Be Tailored to Your Skin’s Needs

The trouble with in-office aesthetic treatments is that many of them need to be scheduled at various intervals to allow the skin to recover. Using a RegenPen multiple times a week is not only possible; it’s designed so you can use it as often as necessary. The Daily and Weekly Cartridges have silicone nanotips, so you can achieve your skin care goals at your own pace. The adjustable speed settings allow you to modify the stamping motion depending on your skin’s sensitivity or your desired results.

Television and fitness personality Brooke Burke loves Lorde + Belle because the “skincare products and tools are simple, easy to use, and most importantly they work.” That’s high praise, and Lorde + Belle was delighted when she captioned an Instagram post for the Hydra-V Moisturizer with the words “when your moisturizer makes you age backwards.” Country Singer and Songwriter Kimberly Dawn says the RegenPen is her “fav” and that she uses it at “least once a week if not more.” And Actress and Beauty Influencer Fernanda Romero uses her RegenPen twice a week on level three (the highest setting) and is “absolutely in love.”

A RegenPen Treatment Has No Downtime

If you’re avoiding aesthetic treatments because they can’t be done on your lunch hour or will leave you looking less than camera-ready for days on end, the RegenPen is your ticket to better skin. Fernanda Romero loves it because “it helps with texture and also brown spots. You won’t be super red or have to wait at home,” she says. And as for attempting to hide temporary discoloration, you won’t need “a lot of makeup afterward.”

A RegenPen Treatment Helps Skin In Multiple Ways

A 10-step routine may sound ideal to some people, but skincare minimalism still appeals to the vast majority. Relying on multiple serums to treat everything from dehydration to wrinkles isn’t always convenient. Beauty Influencer Mercedeh Javid Feight loves using her HA3 Serum and RegenPen and says, “Lorde + Belle has become such a crucial part of my skincare regime. I get the benefits of keeping my skin hydrated, and it’s helping me with building collagen, helping improve the texture, the firmness, the plumpness, the unevenness.”

A RegenPen Treatment Costs Less Than a Facial

None of us needs to be reminded that prices for goods and services have skyrocketed lately. We see it every single day, whether it’s at the gas station, grocery store, or spa. When daily necessities get more expensive, most of us limit our discretionary spending. Personal care treatments are often among the first things to go, but the Lorde + Belle RegenPen and HA3 Serum allow you to take care of your skin for less than $10 per treatment.

Beauty Influencer and Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexis Oakley love it because “it’s so cost efficient. It costs less than $10 for each treatment at home.” And Mercedeh Javid Feight hit the nail on the head when saying, “It’s a lot less than a facial and a lot more convenient.”

A RegenPen Treatment Can Be Done At Home

After two years in a work-from-home atmosphere, we’ve all gotten accustomed to setting our own schedules and doing things at our convenience. Getting a spa appointment – even for celebrities –is also more challenging. Alexis Oakley told her Instagram audience, “I love [using the RegenPen and HA3 serum] because I have gotten so busy recently that I just don’t have time to go to the spa and get facials. I love being able to do this treatment from my home.” Mercedeh Javid Feight agrees. “I don’t need an appointment because it’s right here.”

Sound like something you need to try for yourself? Ask your Lorde + Belle Brand Partner about the RegenPen and HA3 Serum today.

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