Lápiz Definidor de Cejas

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Color: Eye Am Grateful- Light Brown
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Definir, mejorar y dar forma.

CARACTERÍSTICAS Y VENTAJAS Certificado libre de crueldad · Vegano · Resistente al agua · Sin parabenos · Sin gluten  · De larga duración · Punto de micropunta · Doble extremo con un Spoolie

POR QUÉ ES REAL – Este lápiz de micropunta de larga duración te permite crear vellos individuales para una apariencia de cejas sutil o audaz. Su fórmula cremosa a base de cera se desliza hermosa y naturalmente sobre la piel. Este lápiz a prueba de agua está libre de estrés para ayudarlo a superar cualquier desafío que enfrente en la vida.

APLICACIÓN REAL  – Para una ceja sutil, comience creando trazos suaves, individuales, similares a cabellos, comenzando hacia el comienzo de la ceja. Muévete con movimientos ligeros hacia arriba, siguiendo tu arco natural. Difumina las líneas ásperas usando el lado del carrete de tu lápiz.

Para una ceja más audaz, aplica con más presión al dibujar tus vellos. Luego, rellena tu ceja con trazos suaves y uniformes para crear más intensidad. Volviendo con el spoolie, difumina ligeramente las cejas para mantenerlas más audaces, pero suaviza las líneas ásperas.

CONSEJOS REALES  – Crea un punto de partida para cejas uniformes dibujando una línea suave a lo largo de la base de tu arco natural. Cree un punto de parada para sus cejas punteando donde desea que terminen sus cejas antes de comprometerse por completo a dibujarlas.

COMBINACIÓN REAL – Combínalo con una capa ligera de rímel "Eye Am Beautiful" y un tono nude del brillo de labios REALHER en tu tono para lograr un tono sutil y sin apariencia de maquillaje.


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Dawn Dominique

Precision is EVERYTHING, and with this pencil, it’s EASY to achieve. From shaping to fill-in this is a one stop shop! Unfortunately, my brows are not symmetrical, but I can get them pretty close to perfect in a short amount of time!! I got my brow pencil in a boxed set, and fell IN LOVE with it! You will too!! I will purchase more!

Derissa Raynne
Holy Grail Status

I received my first Realher brow pencil in a box subscription and loved it so much, I've repurchased 4x. I love EVERYTHING about this pencil. Ease of use, fine tip that makes for natural strokes. It's not so firm that it tugs, but not so creamy that it just sticks in place and becomes "muddy". The color is spot on and it's quite longlasting as well. Highly highly recommend.


A while ago, I got a sample REALHER definer brow pencil. I fell in love with it. I ran out of it, so I had to order other one. In my opinion, REALHER DEFINER BROW PENCIL is the best. I highly recommend it!!

Jo Ann Spooner

Exactly what I wanted! Perfect in every way!

Hi Jo Ann! 'Eye Am Strong' looks sooo good on you. We really appreciate you taking the time to share a review and gorgeous photo. Thank you! xx RH Team

Love love

Packaging is amazing great value ..oh in regards to the pencil I’m neverrrrr using anything else! I’m in love ..

Martha Morin
Love it

Love this pencile

Beautiful photo, Martha. Your brows are flawless! xx RH Team

Shannon Prinn
1st make up products I have EVER finished. Better than hourglass

I have always said I do not understand how people hit Pan on a product or how they finish a product. I have been a huge make up lover for over 20 years. This brand needs more recognition than it already has. I think it's better than any other high end brand I have ever tried. I loveeeee their lipsticks I actually fell in love with a bright red liquid lipstick (which I do not do bright red) but I had to try it and the formula was just amazing... So light and comfortable & it stayed on!!. Then I purchased another one that was a Berry shade and that was definitely my cup of tea, perfection. I love their lip liners. My number one favorites have definitely been their brow pencils. Eye am strong and eye am inspiring... I finished both of them recently. They are the very 1st products I had ever finished and it's crazy that they are both by the same brand.. I have so many brow products it's kind of ridiculous but I always grab for them, every time. I was not sure which one I needed and I figured out that both of them work great together. The quality is just unbelievable. I do wish they would make more colorful eye shadows.. if they did I would love to try them I just really don't do neutrals. I have not found a product that I do not like from them. Such an amazing brand. I think another reason that I love these eyebrow products so much is because it's so easy for me to end up looking like I have Sharpie brows.. I have dyed blonde hair but my eyebrows are naturally dark Brown along with my hair. I always feel my most confident when I use their eyebrow pencils.

Hi Shannon, wow! You have no idea how reviews like these mean SO much to our small team and brand as a whole. We appreciate you for taking the time to share your opinion and including such a gorgeous selfie too! We LOVE seeing our customers feeling confident and empowered. By the way, our eyeshadows 'Embrace Yourself' and 'Conquer From Within' are not as neutral as the other palettes if you'd like to check it out. Hope to hear more from you very soon Shannon! xx RH Team

freude war nur kurz

Beim ersten benutzen ist die Mine rausgefallen und durchgebrochen. Habe ihn geschenkt bekommen und mich gefreut . Sonst wäre er super

Jessica H.
Better than Benefit’s Brow Pencil

I recently got the Eye am Grateful shade in my August subscription box and I LOVE this brow pencil. I’ve used Benefit’s Precisely My Brow pencil for years and not only do I feel like this is a better product than Benefit’s but it’s $10 cheaper (love that). It goes on very nicely and when I comb through it with a brow brush it doesn’t wipe away. For anyone curious about which shade to buy, I have medium/darkish-toned brown hair, blue eyes, fair-to-light skin with pink undertones. Eye Am Grateful is great, a little deeper than a taupe but not so dark that your brows look crazy.

Hi Jessica, we love seeing photos of our customers rocking REALHER makeup! Thank you for sharing your experience with it- it really helps other customers. Side note, you are so gorgeous, with or without makeup. xx RH Team


Got this on a subscription box and havent been this impressed in a long time. Its sooo good.
Glides smoothly and stays put throught out my crazy 12 hr ER shift. Went to sleep to my makeup on( dont recommend) lol and still look great when I woke up. YOU HAVE GAINED A NEW CUSTOMER.

Hi Genesis, wow! We're so happy to hear about your amazing experiences. Thank you for sharing and including a gorgeous selfie. xx RH team

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