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1 - RegenPen ™
5 - Daily Cartridges


An at-home nano-channeling pen utilizing cutting-edge L+B Nano Technology ™ to trigger the skin’s natural repair process to achieve immediate and long-term skin rejuvenating results when used consistently. The RegenPen™ utilizes sterile single-usage silicon cartridges to ensure the safest, most sanitary skin renewal experience available. Consistent use may significantly improve the visible signs of aging by stimulating collagen production, exfoliating dead skin cells, and restoring radiance. Consciously designed to deliver age-defying results when used with our proprietary HA3 Serum.


The RegenPen™ maximizes nutrient intake via transdermal delivery to safely encourage the skin’s natural rejuvenation process to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation. The non-invasive, non-injectable tool improves skin’s luminous glow immediately, and the adjustable speed settings allow for at-home customization depending on skin’s needs and your desired results.


Unlike micro-needling, the nano-channeling RegenPen™ painlessly increases nutrient absorption up to 97% via stamping motions without causing inflammation or bleeding. Dermatologists recommend the RegenPen™ for safe daily or weekly in-home usage, and the adjustable settings and disposable cartridges make each session fully customizable.

Consciously Created: Designed by science to deliver clean products with real results.


This nano-channel tool was consciously created exclusively for Lorde + Belle to help:

- Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Improve firmness and texture Increase collagen production
- Support microcirculation to improve skin tone
- Improve the look of hyperpigmentation
- Synergistically improve hydration absorption