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Each of our eye shadow palettes offer nine motivating and empowering shades in four finishes: matte, sheen, shimmer, and metallic. Each of these natural shades easily blend and never crease, and can create any eye look you desire. This palette offers rich, true-to-color pigment payoff with each swipe of application.

Be Your Own Kind of Beauty
Our nine-pan shadow collection allows you to go from simple, to sultry, to evening glam. With neutrals, golds, and a soft matte black, this palette truly allows you to be your own kind of beauty no matter the time of day or day of the week.

Fine: Shimmering pearl. The perfect shade to highlight or to dot in the inner corner of the eyes to make them pop.
Fabulous: Shimmering champagne. Ideal to place over the entire lid up into the crease.
Fun: Shimmering light gold. Perfect for an every day look with a hint of glam.
Strong: Matte mink. Place this color in the crease or the outer V of the eye for a soft, glam look.
Proud: Light copper sheen. Use this to create a soft shimmering effect from the inner corner of the eyelid and smoke out underneath your bottom lashes.
Courageous: Honey pecan sheen. Perfect accent color to begin adding dimension to your look.
Smart: Matte black. Ideal for the classic smoky eye effect, or a smoked out eyeliner.
Creative: Dark lilac sheen. For a daring evening or night out, place this over the entire lid.
Unique: Dark copper sheen. For those who don’t want to commit to darker shades, using this shade will still add depth and drama to your eye look.

Make it Happen
Our most universal palette is great for the office, perfect for an evening out, or for your go-to day-off look. This collection offers deep burgundies, coppers, and subtle browns, flattering for every woman.

Driven: Soft Matte Vanilla. Perfect shade to create a mute canvas from eyelid to brow bone.
Limitless: Rose gold sheen. A whimsical shade for an everyday look.
Invincible: Matte cinnamon. Ideal transition color to softly blend upwards into the eye crease.
Bodacious: Copper taupe sheen. Lightly dab this soft glam look into the middle of your eyelid.
Dazzling: Shimmering true copper. For those who want to lightly amplify their day-time look.
Indomitable: Matte mahogany. Your go-to shade for a more romantic eye with its soft red to true brown undertones.
Awesome: Medium bronze sheen. Perfect hue to blend an eyelid and dramatic outer V color together.
Terrific: Metallic espresso. When you want the glam and the drama all at once.
Unshakeable: Matte espresso. When Terrific is to glam, and you just want the drama.

Embrace Yourself
Ignite your inner beauty with this emboldened fiery palette. From soft pastel oranges, to burnt orange, to deep reds. Create a glowing sunrise or go bold and light the room up with a blazing dramatic eye with crimson reds.

Respect: Matte apricot nude. Add a touch of highlight under the brow bone and blend any harsh edges.
Elevate: Matte peachy beige. Perfect transition color to blend and add a touch of warmth to an everyday look.
Together: Matte burnt orange. Be bold and pack it all over the lid, or use as a statement crease color.
Faith: Metallic crimson red. Create the ultimate romantic eye working this from the center of the lid to the outer V.
Harmony: Metallic gold. Pack this all over the eyelid in pressing motions from lash line to crease.
Adored: Metallic maroon. Use as an accent on lid, or as a pop of color on waterline.
Uplift: Toasted caramel brown. Use it on the crease as a transitional shade, or to add depth to a natural makeup look.
Accepting: Matte rusted brown. Work this shade in the outer V before using a darker shade.
Change: Matte deep plum. Perfect shade for a subtle dramatic eye or smoke out underneath lower lash line.

CONQUER FROM WITHIN – Purple: the color of royalty. Wear your crown, keep your head held high, and conquer the day with shades ranging from soft lilacs and deep plums to shocking magentas.

Believe: Matte cool beige. This shade is the ideal shadow base. Use on its own or to help blend any harsh lines.
Strive: Matte pink lavender. For a lavender sunset effect, use from the mid eyelid to lash line.
Overcome: Matte berry pink. Use this in the center of the eyelid, working to the end of the outer corner of eyes.
Persevere: Metallic magenta. Great for a night out- use over the entire eyelid or inner corner of eyelid and smoking out underneath lower lash line.  
Victorious: Metallic light slate. Perfect color to add a touch of highlight to inner corner of eye, or to work over entire lid.
Achieve: Metallic berry. For those not afraid of shine, use in center of eyelid or the beginnings of a dramatic look in the outer V.
Succeed: Shimmery pink. Use for a romantic evening eye from mid eyelid down to lash line.
Prevail: Matte cappuccino. Can be used in the crease or for a subtle dramatic eye.
Flourish: Matte true brown. For a classic eye, use in the outer V in a soft diffused application.

DREAMS SO BIG – Packed with 9 highly pigmented, buttery and blendable shades. This vegan formula is different than the others. Infused with avocado oil, coconut oil, and other powerhouse ingredients for hydration and anti-aging properties.

⭐Coconut Oil  Hydrates and conditions skin. Has anti-inflammatory properties.
⭐Avocado Oil  A rich source of oleic fatty acid that firms and hydrates the delicate eye area and promotes skin elasticity.
⭐Vitamin E  A powerful antioxidant that has anti-aging properties. Moisturizes and soothes the eye area.
⭐ Shea Butter  An anti-inflammatory and a skin protectant that has softening and healing properties. Locks in moisture and is very nourishing.
⭐Jojoba Oil  Rich in antioxidants, stimulates collagen production, has hydration properties, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



In the blackest of blacks, our Eye Am Beautiful Mascara provides a lash-extending and volumizing effect. With a silicone brush, treat your lashes with more volume, length, and strength. This creamy formula also delights your lashes with moisture and lash elasticity. 

This formula uses natural wax that is emollient and hydrating for the lashes. Also, it truly enhances the look of the lashes, lengthens and thickens the lashes without being clumpy and because it stays hydrated it doesn’t flake throughout the day. It’s also buildable so you can apply another coat for a more dramatic look!



With a precision point tip for flawless and seamless application, our waterproof and long-lasting formulation provides a rich black with a matte finish.


Not only is our Matte Liquid Lipstick high in pigment, but also long-lasting with an ultra-matte finish that never creases across nude to bold shades. The best part- it’s a proven smear-resistant formulation because let’s face it- when you’re running an empire, you don’t have time to re-apply. 

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