Skincare School: How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots?

Ever wish you had a skincare expert on speed dial? How about a trusted resource that could answer questions like “what causes dark spots” and “can you remove dark spots from your face naturally?” We did, so we decided to answer these frequently asked questions in our Skincare School series. So … here we go!

What Causes Dark Face Spots?

Skin discoloration goes by a lot of names. It doesn’t matter if you call it a dark spot, age spot, liver spot, or hyperpigmentation. Sometimes, the patches or spots show up during pregnancy (known as melasma) but acne, medication, hormones, and UV damage may also be to blame. As a general rule, melanocytes spring into action as a way to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Unfortunately, much like an overprotective guardian, they can get carried away and create unwelcome dots, spots, and patches even without the sun as a trigger. No matter what the cause, you probably just want them gone – today.


Can A DIY Product Get Rid Of Dark Spots Naturally?

If you’ve ever typed that phrase into Google, you were probably overwhelmed with sponsored products, ads, and misinformation. Doctor Internet may have its uses, but there are a lot of misleading DIY treatments that can do your skin more harm than good.

For instance, many people swear that applying lemon juice to dark spots will make them go away. On the contrary, you’re more likely to irritate your skin than lessen that spot, plus your skin may look worse for wear due to the sudden exfoliating effects of the fruit enzymes. And if you want to dive into all kinds of social mythology, YouTube is filled with desperation-driven DIY videos touting everything from potatoes to Vaseline to reduce unwanted pigmentation in as little as three days. Even the American Academy of Dermatology says fading a dark spot takes “6 to 12 months.” So, let’s step away from the crazy and focus on a long-term approach.


Ensure Your Products Penetrate Effectively

Instead of experimenting with items in your fridge, let science be your guide. Since your skin’s barrier is designed to keep harmful elements from penetrating the surface, you need an effectively formulated serum that increases skin cell turnover, like retinol. You also need ingredients with the right molecular weight, so they can penetrate the skin’s surface. The smaller the molecule, the more likely it is to reach the skin’s substructure and deliver results.

Lorde + Belle’s Repair Serum includes HyRetin, a unique retinol and hyaluronic acid formula with all the benefits of traditional retinol without the associated irritation or dryness. You also need to exfoliate to give your serum a fighting chance. Applying it to skin without exfoliating first is like watering concrete and expecting the water to absorb.


Lorde + Belle Delivers Clinically Proven Results

In an 8-week clinical study conducted by Princeton Consumer Research (PCR) participants used the Lorde + Belle Repair Serum with or without our RegenPen™. The serum alone reduced the appearance of dark spots by 63%, and that result increased to 76% when used with the RegenPen™. That’s not fiction; that’s fact.

And if you want to accelerate your results, mix a little Spot Reducing Booster with the Repair Serum before using your RegenPen™. Two beloved skincare actives – Arbutin and Licorice Root – help brighten skin, even its tone, and reduce the appearance of healed acne marks. 100% of study participants experienced significant skin brightening, and 93% saw a reduction in their hyperpigmentation.

Science For The Win

For the best results, use the Lorde + Belle RegenPen™ and Repair Serum consistently. Changes in your skin are cumulative, and as new skin replaces old, you’ll see the efforts of your labor looking back at you in the mirror. Ask your Brand Partner about this dynamic duo today.



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