LORDE+BELLE and REALHER. Two brands, one family.
We are a global community offering positivity through beauty!

We are a movement to empower all women to embrace their own unique beauty with superior clean, safe makeup and luxurious skincare products with highest potency!


Designed for those pursuing ultimate skincare efficacy, we are the experts in formulating high-tech, safety-conscious, and superior-performance products, loaded with the highest proportion of active ingredients. LORDE+BELLE empowers you to radiate confidence, revealing the best version of yourself.

"As a beauty manufacturer for over 15 years, I came across situations where brands would sacrifice potency over cost saving over and over again. Even my wife was complaining to me that she couldn’t find a skin care brand that she completely trusted and whose products actually worked.  One night after hearing my wife’s complaint, I decided, “why not create a new brand of our own?” and really make a difference for all women.

That’s how Lorde+Belle skincare line was born, pouring all my 15 years of resources, expertise and beauty manufacturing experience into this collection, we developed innovative products with the highest potency, making sure they produced maximum results.

We focused on a simple system of Cleanse, Repair and Hydrate, designing the formulas with clean, safe ingredients utilizing the EU standard as our baseline. Our clinicals speak for themselves and we’re very proud that Lorde+Belle skincare line is becoming the favorite products for more and more people! ”

— Bill Xiang · Founder


Created for those in quest of self-confidence and positive energy, we are the authorities in high-tech and high-performance cosmetics. The affirmations on each of our makeup products inspire every woman to embrace herself, bring out her positive energy, and celebrate her own uniqueness.

“My daughter is the reason why I created REALHER makeup. She is the most precious person in my life, and I want her to grow up feeling confident, beautiful, and empowered. But I know that she faces many challenges and pressures in this world that can make her doubt herself and her worth.

I know that she is not alone. I know that there are millions of girls and women who struggle with their self-image, who feel insecure about their appearance, who compare themselves to unrealistic standards of beauty. I know that there are many messages in social media and society that tell them they are not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. I also know that there are many products in the market that exploit these insecurities, that use inappropriate or offensive language on their package to sell their products, that make women feel like they need to change themselves to fit in.
That's why I started REALHER makeup. I wanted to create a makeup brand that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of women, that inspires them to embrace their inner beauty, that empowers them to express themselves authentically.”

— Bill Xiang · Founder


The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is an essential part of our CULTURE. We offer a HOME where Brand Partners and Employees can CELEBRATE success,
enjoy personal GROWTH and PROSPER working TOGETHER

Our mission is to create a movement with products that brings out confidence, empowerment and happiness. Shared through our community of world class Brand Partners, we are able to empower others on their pursuit of happiness while establishing Lorde + Belle as the most respected and trusted company.