“Eye Am Outstanding”眼線液筆

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特色優勢 C無防腐劑 · 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯 · 無麩質 · 素食 · 非有毒·防水·防污

為什麼它是真實的 我們的防水和持久配方採用精密尖端,可實現完美無瑕的無縫塗抹,提供濃郁的黑色和啞光效果。

實際塗抹 如需日常造型,輕輕塗抹於睫毛線上。要獲得更飽滿、更引人注目的外觀,請大膽地展開。將 Eye Am Outstanding Liquid Eyeliner 的尖端靠近您的眼瞼,以幫助您從內眼角開始打造一條從小到大的線條。

真正的秘訣如果您感覺真的很大膽和喜歡冒險,請單獨使用 Eye Am Outstanding Liquid Eyeliner 或作為底妝在摺痕處勾勒齣戲劇性的切割摺痕你的眼睛。

真正的搭配 將 Eye Am Outstanding 液體眼線筆與 Eye Am Beautiful 睫毛膏配對,並作為我們任何眼影盤的收尾妝容。


NET .65 ML / .02 FL OZ

水/水/淡水、丙烯酸酯共聚物、甲基丙二醇、丙二醇、二丙二醇、辛二醇、乙二胺四乙酸二鈉、羥乙基纖維素、苯氧乙醇、苯乙烯/丙烯酸酯共聚物、BL ACK 2 (CI 77266).


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
smooth & sharp edges

Love this eyeliner SO much. I originally tried this about a year ago, this eyeliner was included in a swag bag for a womxn focused event I attended. I was blown away by how easy it was to apply this flawlessly and how long it lasted without smudges. This is definitely worth it! If you're hedging on this product GET IT, DO IT, YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF!

Hi Vick, super cute selfie! AND you did your eyeliner so beautifully. Thanks for sharing with everyone! xx RH Team

Betsy Garcia
Absolute stunner

I recently got this eyeliner, and its so easy to use, very pigmented and water proof! I didn't even know it was water proof until I tried removing it. This is a great find! My new go to eyelinerlol.

Jennifer H
I got so many more compliment for my cat eye!

I have always gotten compliments on my cat eye through my life but a lot especially since I've started using Realher Eyeliner! Awesome!!!

Elizabeth F.
Sharp and Dark!

I received this eyeliner in the yesterday, tried it on in the morning, and now had to write a review! Awesome product. Very dark, very easy to put on (nice sharp point) and I'm a very happy customer. I spent a whole day wearing this on my lids and it holds up without any smudge! if you want a precise, clean, dark and fabulous cat eye, this is the liner for you.

Stacie Contreras
Incredible product at a fabulous price!

This liner goes on with ease and stays put. No smear or smudge even when wet. I love that my arthritic hands can manipulate it with ease as it glides along my eye even with wrinkles.

Angela Bass

"Eye Am Outstanding" Liquid Eyeliner

Sylvia Olson

"Eye Am Outstanding" Liquid Eyeliner

Mari Larios
Great Liner

This liner was honestly better than I’d hoped. Like all RealHer products, the formula was great. The color is dark, doesn’t run, and lasts. The felt tip made it easy to apply. Overall, great product. I’m definitely buying this again!

Stacey Warren
Stays put - doesn't smear

I have an oily face and for some reason as I've gotten older most liquid eyeliners seem to smear/melt throughout the day. This is the only one I have found that won't do that - it stays put - goes on easy and I love it!

Debbie Patton
Best eyeliner

Originally found this at Costco. Absolutely love it. Can’t find it there anymore so I found their website and ordered directly. My favorite eyeliner. Order was received quickly.

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