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產品特色 – 經認證零殘忍 · 素食主義 · 不含防腐劑 · 不含苯甲酸脂类物质 · 無有害物質

產品描述從中性色調到鮮豔色調,每個色系都是精心調配,經得起時間的考驗。超高保濕功效,涂抹的同時使你的雙唇長效保濕。配方中注入了荷荷巴籽油、乳木果油和維生素 E,絲滑質地,保濕雙唇一整天。



產品搭配 涂抹口紅前可以用粉底液或遮瑕膏淡化唇色,使後續上色更加完美。


Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Pamela Goodell
Perfect Holiday Color!

I AM FIERCE FIREY RED is perfect for all the upcoming festive events this holiday season! Besides it being a beautiful color, it goes on smooth and feels like silk on my lips! Get one for yourself and another for a stocking stuffer!

Natalie A Mosiuk

I have a Girl Power (deep mauve) in mini-size and I looove it. 10/10!


Love this Red

awesome!!! girl power

this lipstick is so smooth and moisturizing!! also it’s so pretty with clear lip gloss on top 🥰🥰

Elaine Marie
Great “universal” color

I’ve just ordered my second tube of the Girl Power Deep Mauve. I’m always surprised at how it seems to look good no matter what color clothing I’m wearing. I’m rather fair skinned but tan in summer, have blue eyes and dark blonde hair, 67 years old. This is the only lipstick I wear now. My lips are a bit dry and I find this lipstick just moderately moisturizing so I moisturize my lips a bit before applying. Still, I would recommend it, it doesn’t bleed into lines, and I believe it would look good with many complexions.

Dontia Shields
Lipstick in gold digger

I nerve herd of this brand till I got the lipstick in gold digger in my subscription box last month I love the color feeling good on the lip definitely will be add more to my collection this shade is perfect for the fall time

Susan Lyons
In love with Deep Mauve!!

I received a free Deep Mauve Lipstick with a recent Purchase that made. I had never before tried this brand are color .Im so in love with this product I don't think I'll ever use another lipstick again .Its the Best!!!

Hi there, thank you for sharing an image using our lipstick. It looks amazing on you! We hope to see more of your beauty soon. xx RH Team

Nancy Rodriguez
This color makes me happy

I've been feeling really bad with asthma and I decided to wear this lipstick to feel pretty. Honestly it worked! haha The color is so wearable, that I can even wear it at home, but it gives me life. The formula is great! It's hydrating without getting messed up in my lips. It stays put and it's very comfortable at the same time! I also love the powerful messages of these lipsticks.

Hi Nancy, this shade looks great on you! And it warms our hearts to know that our product uplifted you. Thank you so much for sharing. xx RH Team


I picked this lipstick in my July box subscription. Once my package arrived I immediately opened it up and tried on this lipstick. Loved the color and everything about it. Thinking I have finally found something that would stay put on my thin lips, I tried it on again later in the day. My 3yr old also wanted some lipstick after seeing me try it on and climbed the dresser to reach it, mind you I had it put back so my daughters wouldn't see it. Boy I was wrong and my 3 yr old loved it so much she used the whole tube all over herself and her bedroom. This is probably the first lipstick I have cried over the loss of and I only had it for a couple hours. Before even trying to clean her off I went to this website to buy a tube. Yes, I loved it that much that my sahm/college student broke self was going to justify the purchase to my husband. Upon finding the lipstick on the website it is currently sold out 😭. I am currently looking to find a way to be notified when it will be back in because I need this lipstick in my life!

Hi Evann, she is a silly cutie and we love being able to put a face to the story. We would love to help you as much as possible. Can you share the affirmation of the lipstick you're looking for? Hoping we can provide some answers. Reach out to us any time by emailing xx RH Team

Diane Ricardo
Elegant And Creamy wonderness!!

I love the consistency of this lipstick. It's moist without running into your finalizes stays put, and the shade and colour is incredibly beautiful. Thank you.

Hi Diane, love love love the shade 'Girlpower' on you! Thank YOU for sharing a positive review and beautiful photo. xx RH Team

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