Empowering Women One Lipstick at a Time: The LBxRH Lip Xperience

We believe that beauty is more than skin deep—it's about empowerment, resilience, and self-expression. Our Lip Xperience Kit, offers women the unique opportunity to create their own lipstick shade, name it, and share their stories. This journey of creativity and self-discovery not only enhances personal beauty but also fosters connections and inspires others.

In this blog post, we showcase four different scenarios where the Lip Xperience Kit can be used to celebrate growth, empowerment, perseverance, and healing.


1.A Fun Girls' Night Out or Bridal Party

Imagine gathering your closest friends for a night of laughter, creativity, and bonding. The Lip Xperience Kit is the perfect addition to a girls' night out or a bridal party. Each participant can create their own lipstick shade, name it, and share the story behind their choice. This activity not only provides a fun and memorable experience but also strengthens the bond between friends.

Emily's Bridal Party

Emily decided to use the Lip Xperience Kit for her bridal party. Each bridesmaid created a lipstick shade that represented their unique personality and named it. They shared stories of their friendship, celebrated their individual journeys, and left with a personalized memento of the special day. Emily shared, "It was such a meaningful experience. We laughed, we cried, and we created something beautiful together. It made my bridal party unforgettable."


2.Fundraising for a Non-Profit Cause

The Lip Xperience Kit is not just for personal use; it can also be a powerful tool for fundraising. With the ability to create 30 lipsticks per kit, you can sell these unique shades to raise funds for a cause you care about. This initiative combines creativity with philanthropy, making a positive impact on the community.

Yanitza's Mission Trip to Africa:

Maria had the pleasure of using the Lip Xperience kit for a "Lipstick For A Cause" campaign supporting Yanitza's Mission Trip to Africa. During this event, attendees paid $40 to create their custom lipstick, had a mini professional photo session, enjoyed delicious appetizers, and experienced other exciting surprises. Yanitza walked away with a donation of $375 for her mission trip.


3.Empowerment Events

The Lip Xperience Kit can be a fantastic addition to networking events, providing a unique icebreaker and conversation starter. Participants create their own lipsticks, share their stories, and make connections based on shared experiences and values. This activity fosters a sense of community and empowerment.

Jessica Valle at LBxRH Xperience the Difference Orlando 2024:

“At my first Lip Xperience, I made a lipstick called “I am an overcomer.” I picked this name because, with God’s help, I’ve overcame a lot. One of the toughest things was losing my daughter in 2021 when she was 6 1/2 months in the womb. Going through the grief was hard, but with God, I pushed through and healed. I got my joy back and can share my story without the pain.”


4.Earning Extra Income while Building your business and connections

One of the things we love most about the Lip Xperience kits is their versatility. We've incorporated them into a range of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale fundraisers, and they've always been a hit. Not only do they help promote our brand, but they also allow us to recover our investment and generate additional income.

One memorable event was a Mother's Day celebration dinner where we featured the Lip Xperience, creating a delightful and unique activity for our guests.

The Lip Xperience kit is excellent for creating unique events centered around a lip experience or as an engaging activity within any event. These kits have truly enhanced our events, making them more interactive and enjoyable for our guests. I highly recommend Lip Xperience for anyone looking to add a fun and profitable element to their gatherings.

-Maria Erazo-Luna


Join the Movement: Create, Name, and Share Your Story

At LBxRH, we celebrate the strength, beauty, and individuality of every woman. The Lip Xperience Kit is more than just a makeup product—it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether you're looking to have fun with friends, raise funds for a cause, make new connections, or uplift someone in need, the Lip Xperience Kit offers a unique and meaningful way to create, name, and share your story.


We invite you to join the LBxRH Movement and embark on your own empowering journey with the Lip Xperience Kit and our amazing community. Let's inspire and uplift each other, one lipstick at a time. Your story matters, and your voice deserves to be heard. Together, we can make the world a more beautiful and empowering place.


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