How a Beauty Insider Built Better Skincare

Think back to your school days. Were you an overachiever or just putting in the bare minimum? Some A+ students do all the extra credit exercises even though they don’t need the grade boost, while others feel they’ve done enough by getting a passing grade on an assignment.

About Our Founder

Lorde + Belle’s founder Bill Xiang has been motivated to succeed from a very young age. Unlike most beauty brand creators, Xiang has neither family in the industry nor a Hollywood connection. His father was a carpenter in China and worked hard to support his family on a meager yearly income of just $5,000. Xiang helped his family while he was a child and went straight to work right out of school. He attained great success as a sales representative in the personal care industry, selling upwards of $30 million in products yearly before turning his sights toward creating his first beauty company.

The Inspiration of Parenthood

Xiang’s passion stems from a desire to support his family as well as others. When he created REALHER, his young daughter Yarie was his inspiration. “I wanted to do whatever I could,” he said, “to make as much of a difference as possible, to help more women. I wanted to build a brand to inspire women to be independent, successful, and fulfilled.”

From Humble Beginnings to Motivated Formulator

Since 2009, Xiang has used innovation and creativity as motivation for further success. Brands seek his expertise because of his dedication to creating products that deliver real results. To date, he’s formulated brands for the global masstige, prestige, and luxury product industries and his creations are carried at Ulta, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, HSN, and Amazon.

Lorde + Belle Was Born of Necessity

Over the years, Xiang has seen the shortcuts companies make firsthand. He “created Lorde + Belle [after] all these years in the industry [because he’s] seen situations over and over again where companies compromise potency over cost savings.” Driven to deliver not just promises but results, Lorde + Belle uses the finest quality active ingredients available and formulates them according to scientifically proven levels of efficacy.

For example, serums are one of the most sought-after skincare products, but unfortunately, “most of them are simply water and glycerin without enough actives. Even quality peptides are rarely included at clinically proven levels for efficacy.”

Although commonly used to prevent moisture loss and bind water to the skin, glycerin can only double its weight in water. Hyaluronic acid, like the high-, medium-, and low-molecular weights found in Lorde + Belle’s HA3 Serum, holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and can improve the skin’s appearance, texture, and elasticity.

Addressing Consumer Concerns and Market Deficiencies

Consumers deserve better. They deserve to get their money’s worth from every purchase they make, which is where Lorde + Belle comes in. Lorde + Belle products satisfy immediate needs like increasing hydration as well as long-term goals, such as reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.

Putting What Matters Most First

Lorde + Belle can be described in three words: science, quality, and potency. Every formula is based on clinical data and sound research, and everything is made by Lorde + Belle’s own chemists in their own lab. Products are safety tested and often exceed EU standards. And all products, including the Lorde + Belle Repair Serum, are consciously created, which means “designed by science, designed with quality, and designed with potency.”

By focusing on formulating superior products as well as the revolutionary at-home nano-channeling RegenPen™ that enhances the penetration of all your skincare products, Bill Xiang and Lorde + Belle are putting efficacy and customer satisfaction first, but it doesn’t stop there.

Finding Happiness by Helping Others Pursue It

Loyalty is a precious commodity in the workplace, and Xiang has a track record for building a work environment that allows others to flourish. Many of the people with his initial beauty venture have been with him for 7–8 years. No small feat for a 13-year-old company. Xiang believes in pursuing happiness for yourself and for others as well. “Seeing people grow and pursuing what makes them happy,” fulfills him, and that’s the goal for each and every Lorde + Belle Brand Partner – to have an avenue for financial stability that also gives their life meaning and fulfillment.

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