Not Your Average Sheet Mask

Summer is almost over, the kids will be heading back to school soon, and your skin may or may not be the best it can be. Now’s the time to turn some attention back to your self-care routine, starting with your skin. One quick way to perk up dry, lackluster skin while enjoying some relaxation is to add Lorde + Belle’s new HydraPure Mask to your daily or weekly routine.

Freeze-Dried Technology Delivers Active Ingredients

Freeze drying isn’t just for food. Advanced technology has been used to create waterless products that retain their efficacy because the molecules don’t break down during the lyophilization process  – a process that uses low heat and pressure to convert water to steam, so it can be removed without degrading the key ingredients.

Activate Your Ingredients on Demand

When reaching for a treatment mask, you want the freshest, most active ingredients possible. The HydraPure Mask makes this simple. Just add a small amount of distilled water to the dry mask sheet, and it’ll be ready to apply in 60 seconds. The active ingredients stay hyper-fresh due to the freeze-drying process, which also means you won’t need to worry about expiration dates. Your mask will be germ-free and potent even months after it was created.

Get Instant, Safe Hydration Without Preservatives

When it comes to creating skincare that remains safe to use days, months, or years after it’s formulated, preservatives are often necessary – but not always. The freeze-dried technology utilized in the Lorde + Belle HydraPure Mask makes it possible to get maximum ingredient efficacy without the use of preservatives. This approach has had beauty fans buzzing in recent years. Even NewBeauty covered the topic, stating that the freeze-drying process “preserves the qualities of the original ingredients in their natural and raw form.” Each Lorde + Belle mask is sealed in an airtight rehydration tray, so you can carry the waterless product wherever you go and even tote it in your carry-on luggage when flying.

Biodegradable Fiber Makes Our Mask Earth-Friendly

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and want to enjoy a sheet mask without the guilt associated with disposal, fear not. The HydraPure Mask is made from eucalyptus fiber. This strong yet soft material helps the essence absorb into your skin and is suitable even for sensitive skin types. The biocellulose has anti-inflammatory properties and is also bacteriostatic, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria growing inside the sealed package.

Reap Even Greater Rewards by Using Your RegenPen™ First

In one of our very first blog articles, we shared information about the way the RegenPen™ improves product penetration up to 97%. Now, you can maximize the efficacy of your HydraPure Mask by applying it after a RegenPen™ treatment. The mask contains skin-soothing aloe vera as well as a combination of snow mushroom extract and hyaluronic acid, which provide superior hydration and plump the skin in just 15 minutes.

Share Your Sheet Mask Selfies

Of all the possible Insta-worthy pictures you can take, sheet mask selfies are, by far, the most fun. They let you show yourself authentically caring for your skin without revealing anything you’d rather hide. Whether you close your eyes and enjoy the mask’s hydrating eye flaps, or film a video showing how you use your jade roller to enhance the mask’s fit, your friends, family, and followers will tune in and comment because there’s nothing more genuine than being bare-faced and natural on camera.

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