Safely Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend, offering the allure of longer and fuller lashes without the daily hassle of applying false lashes. However, with busy schedules and other responsibilities, it's not always possible to visit a salon for touch-ups or removal. So, can you safely remove eyelash extensions at home?

While experts recommend professional removal or waiting for natural shedding, there are safe methods you can try at home. Read on to learn more, along with tips for maintaining healthy lashes.

Taking a Hot Shower

If you want to speed up the natural lash-shedding process, consider taking a hot shower. Normally, lash artists advise against exposing extensions to water and steam, but doing the opposite can help loosen any extensions still clinging to your natural lashes. Remember to avoid touching your lashes during this process for the best results. It's essential to remove lash extensions without causing any harm. Picking or cutting them off can damage your natural lashes and disrupt their growth cycle.
A quicker alternative to the hot shower method is a steam facial. Boil water, pour it into a bowl or pot, and place your face above the steam for 5 to 10 minutes with your eyes closed.

Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

Lash artists typically caution against using oil-based cleansers after getting lash extensions because they can compromise the adhesive. However, if you want to remove leftover extensions (usually after two to three weeks), oil cleansers can be your allies:
  • While cleansing your face, gently use circular motions to dissolve the lash glue.
  • Repeat this process for a few nights to gradually loosen your lash extensions; don't expect immediate results.
While lash experts recommend specific removers for safe extension removal, certain oils can also help:
  • Coconut oil, mineral oil, and olive oil are tolerated well by most skin types and can safely loosen extensions.
  • Castor oil, known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, is another option for gentle removal, but avoid it if you're pregnant and wearing lash extensions.
  • Baby oil, however, is not recommended for lash removal.
To use these oils, saturate a cotton pad, gently apply it to the lash line, and leave it on for about 30 seconds. Be patient, as the oil gradually loosens the extensions from the adhesive. Test a small amount of the oil behind your ears first if you've never used it before to check for any allergic reactions.


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  1. Try a Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver
Safety is paramount when removing eyelash extensions at home due to the delicate nature of your eyelashes and the sensitive skin around your eyes. Before attempting DIY removal, it's crucial to understand the process thoroughly:
  • Eyelash extension glue hardens upon exposure to air, bonding tightly with your natural lashes.
  • Incorrect removal can lead to damage or loss of natural lashes.
  • Using a professional-grade lash glue dissolver is recommended for safe removal. Here's how to use it:
    • Soak a cotton pad with the remover.
    • Gently apply it to the lashes to dissolve the adhesive safely.
    • Be cautious not to get the remover in your eyes to avoid irritation.

See a Professional

The safest way to remove eyelash extensions, both for your natural lashes and eye health, is to have them removed by a professional. Extensions are typically attached with surgical-grade glue, which is not suitable for amateur removal. Avoid risking damage to your natural lashes or introducing bacteria to the eye area by attempting DIY removal. If you can wait, it's advisable to see a professional.

In cases where salon visits are not possible, there are expert-approved methods for DIY removal. However, always prioritize safety and cleanliness when handling your eyelash extensions at home.


Why won't my eyelash extensions come off? Eyelash extensions are adhered to with waterproof glue, so you'll need to dissolve the glue for safe removal. Avoid pulling or tugging at your extensions, as this can damage your natural lashes.


Why are my eyelashes short after removing extensions? Lash extensions can weigh down natural lashes, leading to breakage as they grow. Rubbing your lashes can also cause damage.


Do eyelashes grow back after extensions? Yes, eyelashes should grow back after extensions within one to three months, similar to the hair on your head.

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