Compact Colors As Festive As You

Halloween is over and now it’s practically Christmas, right? Holidays are so joyful, but they come with a handful of things to do. From deciding how to decorate the Christmas tree to finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones, there’s just a lot to handle. But, we can help you to check out one thing off your To-Do list; whether  It’s a gift for a friend or for yourself, Color Culture Palette and Eyeshadow Primer from RealHer is the perfect choice!

Why is it REALly special?
Color Culture Palette is an all-in-one palette; it has 9 stunning eye shadows with different finishes, a blush and a highlighter. You can create a full face of makeup with it and the combinations are limitless. RealHer is an empowering brand that gives back to its community and environment. The palette, just like the other makeup products from RealHer, is certified cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, talc-free and sulfate-free.



Dazzling eye looks with Color Culture
‘Oh the weather outside is frightful, and your eye shadow is so delightful’, that’s how Frank Sinatra would’ve written the lyrics if he saw Color Culture Palette. This palette includes 9 highly pigmented and easy buildable eye shadows, perfect for any makeup look and suitable for every skin tone.

The first three shadows, Uplifting, Purpose and Destiny, are neutral shades with a velvety smooth matte finish, perfect as base or transition colors. They can also be used as primary eye shadow colors for an everyday makeup look.

The other 6 shades are the REAL star of the show; they have a metallic sheen finish to give your eyes a dazzling look. The colors are highly pigmented and can be applied with an eye shadow brush or even your fingertips.

The color story of Color Culture Palette is amazing and offers endless combinations for all eye colors and skin tones. While each shade is named with an uplifting phrase selected by our Brand Partner’s to highlight our company’s unique culture.

The shades are crease-resistant and fade-resistant that perform even better on top of RealHer’s eyeshadow primer. This primer will improve the skin texture and create a smooth canvas to help the eye makeup to go on smoother and last longer.  It also keeps your eye shadow in place and prevents it from creasing.

How to get the most out of Color Culture Palette
The options are limitless. You can create an everyday makeup look with the first three colors, or a beautiful smokey eye using shade ‘Genuine’ and a little of shade ‘Empowered’ on the inner corner of the eye, or maybe a joyful and fierce eye look with ‘Fun’ and ‘Diverse’ shimmery shades. You can use a little as you want, for a subtle shine or as much as you want for a pop of color.

Don’t forget to add some life to the face with the blush in shade ‘Rise’, and apply highlighter in the shade ‘Passionate’ anywhere you want to catch the light! Use on cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, eyelids, or on the décolleté and shoulders. If you are on the braver side when it comes to makeup, you can honestly use any of the colors as a highlighter, using either a highlight brush or your fingertips. Make sure to check RealHer’s brush collection for a smoother
application. When used with an angled brush, the palette can be used as an eyeliner- wet or dry.

It’s really that simple! Spoil yourself this season by grabbing RealHer’s Color Culture Palette and elevate your either day or night makeup looks!

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