Freeze-Dried Technology: The Future Of Skincare

If you were to buy HydraPure Mask, you would be surprised when you open one and see that it is dry. Isn’t the whole purpose of a sheet mask to be full of serum, why is it dry? It may be confusing, but there is a reason after it. Lorde+Belle has created HydraPure Masks with a revolutionary technology that we believe will be the future of skincare, Freeze-dried technology.

What is Freeze-Dried Technology?
Yes, freeze-dried, like the astronaut’s food in space. This new technology follows the steps of waterless skincare products. In a nutshell, it’s a low-temperature dehydration process where the ingredients are frozen, the pressure is lowered, all the water is removed and then the temperature goes back to normal and the product remains completely dry.

This is the exact process that HydraPure masks go through in order to preserve its ingredients' potency and native structures. So when you open the packaging, the sheet mask will be completely dry and you need to add distilled water to activate it.

What are the benefits of Freeze-Dried Technology?
Freeze-dried technology makes a product superior because it comes with great benefits for the skin. Starting with the lack of preservatives; when water is present in a skincare product (we know that usually water is the most abundant part of our serums and creams) it requires some type of preservative system to prevent the growth of bacteria and expand its life shelf. HydraPure masks for example, are freeze-dried, meaning there is no water in them so no preservatives are
used in their formulation. This makes the mask suitable even for sensitive skin types.

Another great benefit for the skin is that this technology preserves the potency of the product. Freeze-drying decreases the molecular weight of the ingredients. Generally, the lower the molecular weight, the deeper it goes into the skin. This allows Lorde + Belle’s HydraPure mask to deliver results more effectively.

This innovative technology is great even for the environment. Besides the fact that the lack of water in the product is a big step towards saving water in general, Freeze-dried technology also reduces the carbon footprint because significantly less carbon footprint is produced when you ship vacuumed bags than when you ship containers of liquid around the world.

In addition to that, HydraPure Masks are made from biocecullus material and are fully biodegradable. So, you can experience luxurious skin hydration while causing minimal damage to the environment.

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I travel a lot in my business and it takes a toll on my skin. After being in an airplane for hours, my skin looks as tired as I feel! Dull and lifeless. As soon as I possibly can, I cleanse my face, apply the mask, chillax for 15 minutes and my skin bounces right back to life! I LOVE this mask! (and I’m not typically a mask person).

Tammie Richie November 07, 2022

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