How to Avoid Pilling Makeup with RealHer: 5 Reasons and Solutions

We've all experienced those hectic mornings, rushing to get ready for work while juggling our skincare routine. In the whirlwind, we apply serums and creams in a hurry, hoping for the best results. However, as we blend in our foundation, our hopes are dashed when dreaded tiny balls of makeup start to appear on our face. Panic sets in – should we start over or salvage what's left?
The key lies in preventing makeup pilling from happening in the first place. In this blog, we'll delve into the reasons behind pilling and share invaluable expert tips on how to avoid it. Let's ensure your makeup looks flawless and stays put throughout the day.

Why Your Makeup is Pilling

While pilling is pretty obvious when it occurs, the root cause of that pilling can be tough to pin down. There are a slew of factors that lead to pilling, many of which can exacerbate one another and further complicate the issue. Still, there are a few potential pitfalls most likely to be the culprit.
  1. Build-Up of Residue: One of the main reasons for makeup pilling is the build-up of dead skin cells or remnants of previous products. To avoid this, start your beauty routine with a clean slate. Double cleanse your face using our Cleansing and follow up with a traditional face wash. This ensures a smooth base for your makeup and allows hydrating serums and creams to penetrate your skin effectively.
  2. Allow Skincare to Absorb: Just like a cake needs to cool before frosting, your skincare needs time to absorb before applying makeup. Give each skincare product around three minutes to set properly. This allows your skin to fully absorb the products, preventing them from stacking up and causing pilling. Make sure to give your sunscreen adequate time to dry down before moving on to makeup application.
  3. Correct Skincare Layering: Apply skincare products in the correct order, starting with water-based products like serums and toners, followed by oil-based eye creams and moisturizers. Stick to the rule of applying products from lightest to thickest consistency. Avoid layering too many silicone-based products, as this can inhibit moisture absorption and lead to pilling.
  4. Simplify Your Skincare: Using too many skincare products can also contribute to pilling. Keep it simple and opt for multi-benefit products. For instance, provides multiple benefits without overwhelming your skin. Remember, excessive layers of skincare increase the chances of pilling, so finding products with versatile benefits is key.
  5. Opt for Silicone-Free Formulas: Silicone-based products can interfere with the absorption of other skincare products and lead to pilling. Identify silicone-based products by checking ingredient labels for endings like -cone, -siloxane, or -methicone, which effectively firms, plumps, and smooths your skin.
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Say goodbye to makeup pilling woes with RealHer's expert tips and solutions. Start with a clean base by double cleansing, allow your skincare to absorb fully, and apply products in the right order. Opt for silicone-free formulas and simplify your skincare routine with multi-benefit products. With these steps, you can confidently create flawless makeup looks that last all day. Let RealHer be your trusted companion in achieving a seamless and stunning beauty routine!

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