Hydration Hacks For Plump Skin

When you layer your clothes, it’s time to layer the hydration. Water is vital for our health; every nutritionist and doctor recommends drinking the appropriate amount of water daily. However, studies show that no matter how much drink you consume, it will not affect the hydration levels of the skin (besides situations of severe dehydration). So, how can we keep our skin hydrated?

When it comes to hydration, Hyaluronic Acid is a holy grail ingredient. Lorde + Belle’s HA3 serum is an advanced treatment serum designed with inovative HA³ technology. With three types of Hyaluronic Acid, it delivers hydration in different layers of the skin. But, if you want to layer your hydration game, we have some hacks for you!

1. Precede HA3 Serum with Hydrating cleanser
The most common cause of dehydrated skin is harsh cleansers. It’s time to ditch the cleansers that give you a tight and squeaky clean feeling and replace them with gentle ones. Hydrating Cleanser by Lorde + Belle offers a gentle yet effective cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, suitable for daily use. The combination of glycol and stabilized hyaluronic acid helps to restore moisture,and the rich encapsulated botanical beads remove dead skin cells and impurities after every wash for clear, hydrated and glowing skin. After cleansing, on damp skin, you can apply HA3 serum.

2. Mix your serums with Hydra Max Booster
Hydra Max is one of 5 Booster Powders from Lorde+Belle and is formulated with highly concentrated powdered Hyaluronic Acid in three different molecular weights. Adding Hydra Max to any skincare product will amplify its hydrating powers. The concentration of Hydra Max in your serum can be adjusted to your preference and skin concerns.

3. Follow your HA3 Serum with a moisturizer
Moisturizing your skin is one of the most important skincare routine steps. It will keep the skin moisturized, support the skin barrier and, depending on the formulation, it will offer other benefits for the skin. Hydra-V Moisturizer by Lorde + Belle, combined with HA3 Serum will give you intense hydration and a healthy looking skin. This duo is great because the occlusive ingredients in the moisturizer will form a layer on top of the skin to keep all the water attracted by Hyaluronic Acid molecules in HA3 Serum. Hydra-V Moisturizer offers 24-hour hydration and is enriched with botanical extracts, skin repair complex, ceramides and other humectants.

4. Strengthen skin barrier with Radiant Face Elixir
The final step for perfect hydrated skin is applying a facial oil. After having layered your hydrating products, it’s time to seal all that in with Radiant Face Elixir by Lorde + Belle. This luxurious and lightweight oil is suitable for every skin type, including acne-prone. It will strengthen the skin's barrier, reduce water loss, even complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does everything, and is a must for your skincare regimen.

Bonus hack! Plump lips with HA3 Serum.
Grab your HA3 Serum, apply it on damp lips and go over them with RegenPen. The silicone cartridges will increase the serum’s penetration, and Hyaluronic Acid will hydrate the lips leaving them plump and hydrated.

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