Ingredient Spotlight: About Hyaluronic Acid

Have you ever wondered why we covet wisdom but hate the inevitable aging that comes with it? Time may make us older and wiser, but the skin doesn’t benefit from wisdom – until you start making skincare choices based on solid, science-backed proof. One of the hottest ingredients in skincare can increase moisture retention and restore your skin to its plump, youthful self. So, let’s dive into the facts about hyaluronic acid and why all formulas are not created equal.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Most of us are familiar with skincare containing the word “acid,” but hyaluronic acid is nothing like the alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids that are found in pore cleaning, texture improving toners. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally produced by the body, lubricates the skin and joints, and is a key part of the skin’s natural repair and regeneration process.

Topical HA has a well-studied, proven history of supporting the skin. It is revered for its ability to pull water into the skin – 1000+ times its weight – making fine lines look less obvious and dull, dry skin feel more plump and supple. Although the cells produce HA every day, the production cycle drops as we age, and environmental factors can reduce the amount of HA in between the cells, resulting in textural irregularities and a dehydrated appearance.

Are All Hyaluronic Acid Products the Same?

When a good thing comes along, skinwise, formulators jump on it. Today, you’ll find HA in everything from makeup to sunscreen and everything in between. Unfortunately, most products use a form of high molecular weight HA (HMW-HA) that sits on top of the skin.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the skin still benefits from these molecules. HMW-HA hydrates and helps restore firmness, but the molecules can’t penetrate beyond the epidermis. To do that, you need lower molecular weights or a combination of low- (LMW-HA) medium- (MMW-HA) and high (HMW-HA) to be precise. And that’s where we come in!

What Molecular Weight HA Does Lorde + Belle Use?

When we were creating the Lorde + Belle HA 3 Serum, we wanted a product that that was clinically proven to support the skin at varying levels while targeting key concerns like dehydration, loss of elasticity, and average to deep wrinkles. Research shows that:

 LMW-HA offers superior hydration and targets deep wrinkles

 MMW-HA improves elasticity and average wrinkles

 HMW-HA reduces Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by 15.6%

By using all three molecular weights in a single product, you plump the skin from the inside out, support the body’s natural collagen production, and firm and smooth the surface simultaneously.

One Ingredient, Three Weights, Success

As summer fades to all but a memory, skin recovery and rejuvenation should be front of mind. Ask your Lorde + Belle Brand Partner about adding the HA 3 Serum to your routine today. And stay tuned for our next ingredient spotlight where we’ll discuss the benefits of combining HA with retinol.

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