Transforming Lives, One Beauty Product at a Time: Lorde+Belle and RealHer

Thousand of skincare and beauty products are available in the market, yet very few actually work. What is after pretty packaging and catchy names is often disappointing. Brands spend a lot of resources trying to make a product appealing by making big promises or using flashy colors, but how do those affect us? Are these just a few marketing tricks to push us to spend more money?

Bill Xiang, the founder of Lorde+Belle and RealHer is setting a new standard for other beauty brands. His mission is to create effective skincare products that fulfill their promises and deliver skin changing results and make up that empowers women, all while helping its employees grow with the company.

With quite a selected range of skincare products, Lorde+Belle focuses on science-based and effective products combined with the newest technology.

‘We know that our price range may not fall into the ‘affordable’ category, but if we were to lower our prices, we would have to spend less on active ingredients, therefore fewer results. We don’t compromise with the effectiveness of our products because the ultimate goal is improving ones skin’-Bill Xiang says.

Lorde+Belle is one of those brands that’s brave to try new technology that has extensive studies, unlike the majority of the brands. That’s why it utilizes some of the latest technology in the skincare industry, like RegenPen, an at-home nano-channeling pen that triggers the skin’s natural repair process.

Meanwhile, RealHer was created out of love for his daughter. Bill wanted his little girl to grow into an empowered woman who loves and believes in herself and fights for her rights. He used his makeup brand as a tool to reach all women and empower them.

It’s a collection of high-performance makeup that comes with inscribed positive affirmations like “I love myself’ or ‘I will rise’ to make everyone feel better and put positive vibes into the universe. When you wear RealHer, you are saying that I support all these positive messages and that you are part of this women-empowering movement.

And it doesn’t stop here. Bill Xiang has always wanted to make a difference; that’s why recently it switched RealHer’s business strategy from traditional e-commerce and retail to direct sales. This change came from the desire to empower everyone.

When people bought RealHer products from stores, a big part of the price went to these stores and those were growing and getting empowered, not the ones I wanted to. This meant that I was not fulfilling my mission’.

Lorde+Belle and RealHer are already making a difference in the world. They help people achieve their dream skin, feel beautiful and become financially stable.

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