Unlocking Brow Perfection: Finding Your Ideal Brow Pencil Shade Based on Hair Color

Over the years, eyebrow trends have evolved, but one question lingers: which brow pencil shade suits you best? The journey to choosing the right brow color can be a daunting one. Mismatching shades can lead to unintended outcomes—your attempt at achieving natural brows may end up looking entirely different.
With the abundance of brow products flooding the market, catering to both bold and delicate looks, the choices can be overwhelming. The good news? There's a perfect shade out there for everyone.
Given that brows come in as many variations as hair colors and skin tones, we sought an expert's advice on selecting shades that enhance natural fullness and shape.

Pro Tip: Embrace the Lighter Side

When in doubt, err on the lighter side. Our expert insists, "Always go a shade lighter," even suggesting using a blonde hue on brunettes. Why is this crucial? Attempting to match your brow color exactly to your hair shade can yield an unnatural effect, which defeats the purpose.

Brow Shades for Dark Black Hair

Even with deep-black hair, our expert recommends using a dark brunette pencil instead of black. For deeper skin tones, a touch of black eyebrow pencil over a brunette shadow can add prominence without appearing overdone. Experimenting with shades between deep brown and black will guide you toward the perfect fit.

Brow Shades for Medium Brown Hair

For brunettes, the key is soft, gentle browns—avoid harsh tones. Stay within a pencil color range that's one or two shades lighter than your natural brunette locks. If your hair carries a hint of red, opt for a pencil that matches your highlights. Similarly, choose a pencil corresponding to your base color if your hair leans towards a cool, ash brown.
Check the undertone of the pencil by swatching it on the back of your hand. Brown brow pencils can manifest as either red or gray upon application.

Brow Shades for Blonde Hair

Our expert recommends incorporating a warm undertone into blonde brows to prevent a grayish appearance. If your blonde hair leans cool, consider a pencil in taupe for a fitting shade.

Brow Shades for Redheads

If your hair boasts hints of red, adding warm tones is essential. Our expert's secret? Using a gold mascara to set brow products, yielding a natural, hair-like effect. Pair Benefit's brow pencil in "Warm Auburn" with a gold-hued mascara for a seamless look.

Brow Shades for Gray Hair

Gray hair's elegance often lacks representation in the brow product spectrum. Opt for dark taupe brow pencils to achieve a natural brow appearance when dealing with gray hair.
The quest for brow perfection involves matching shades to hair colors, understanding undertones, and experimenting with warmth. Embrace the guidance of experts and let your brow journey be a rewarding exploration of color and style.

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