How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare Products With The RegenPen

A good and effective skincare routine can do wonders for your skin. Here at Lorde+Belle, we use evidence based skincare ingredients and we understand that the expectations are very high.

In a nutshell, everything comes down to how much of these amazing products have actually gotten into your skin. We have tackled this subject before, but in case you missed our previous blog, the myth that 60% of skincare products get absorbed into the bloodstream has already been debunked. Our skin’s primary function is to create a physical barrier and prevent external agents from going into our blood and organs. But, how does skincare affect our skin, and what did Lorde+Belle create to help YOU get the most out of your products?

Most of your skincare products are going to waste!
The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology released a study in 2017 showing that only 10% of your skincare gets absorbed in the skin? Now, this is a very low number because during the application process, these two things happen:
1. As mentioned before, your skin’s main function is to let nothing make its way inside. The first upper layer of the skin, Stratum corneum, is made out of dead skin cells that stay together one on top of the other like bricks on a wall. This layer is also called a ‘waterproof wall’ because it doesn’t allow water-based agents to penetrate through the skin. But, the main part of a skincare product is water, so how can they penetrate the skin so you can benefit from your serums?? Lorde+Belle has formulated its skincare products with penetration-enhancing ingredients as well as with different molecular weight (like our HA3 Serum).
2. A big part of your skincare product gets either absorbed by your hands (remember all that rubbing and patting on your skin) or it evaporates. So most of them are going to waste!

How did Lorde+Belle come to rescue?
Our founder always acknowledged the problems in the skincare industry and utilizing science, he was able to create effective and potent skincare ingredients. Wanting to make Lorde+Belle clients benefit the most from our products, we created an innovative tool based in Nano-technology, called RegenPen.

How does RegenPen help you to have young and hydrated skin?
RegenPen is a tool that uses the newest technology to increase skincare product penetration and improve your skin’s texture, tone and fine-lines in the comfort of your own home. This innovative tool is non-invasive, it can be used daily and it’s so gentle that you can actually use it around the eyes and lips to stop those tiny lines and Crow’s Feet from forming. The silicone cartridge does stamping motions on the skin and enhances product penetration up to 97% as well as speed up skin’s cell turnover. RegenPen, when used daily, can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, improve firmness, texture, tone and improve skin’s hydration.

Let’s check the facts!
A third party clinical study (Princeton Consumer Research) was conducted on a hide group of participants coming from different demographics and with different skin tones. The participants used Repair Serum on one half of the skin and on the other half they used Repair Serum in combination with RegenPen. It was measured the hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, skin brightness, skin tone and dark under eye circles. 100% of the participants have reported improvements on all of these parameters. Comparing the two sides of the face, the combination of the Repair Serum and RegenPen has shown significantly increased results. PCR assessed that there was a 212% increase in hydration, 66% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 76% reduction in the appearance of dark spots and 68% reduction in the appearance of dark circles.

To conclude:
Lorde+Belle Repair Serum is a potent face serum with an amazing formulation, but to get the maximum benefits from it, we recommend using it with RegenPen daily. This beauty tool was designed specifically for you and you can make it yours.



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