Lorde+Belle Welcomes Dr. Beverly Fischer to its Science Advisory Board!

Exciting news!  Lorde+Belle is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Beverly Fischer, a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon, to our esteemed Science Advisory Board. Dr. Fischer's expertise, honed through over 20 years of transforming lives, aligns perfectly with Lorde+Belle's mission to deliver innovative skincare solutions that enhance natural beauty and nurture well-being.

A Legacy of Excellence, Rooted in Johns Hopkins

Dr. Fischer's impressive career includes years of rigorous training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a world-renowned institution consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the US and globally recognized for its cutting-edge medical advancements. This prestigious training laid the groundwork for her exceptional skill and dedication, which continue to inspire aspiring surgeons through her role as a Clinical Instructor at the prestigious Department of Plastic Surgery.

Beyond the Scalpel: A Passion for Empowering Beauty

Dr. Fischer's passion extends far beyond the surgical skills. She believes that transformative beauty can be achieved through a holistic approach, incorporating effective skincare solutions alongside her surgical expertise. This aligns perfectly with Lorde+Belle's commitment to providing high-quality, research-backed products that promote healthy, radiant skin.

A Shared Vision: Innovation and Science for Enhanced Beauty

Dr. Fischer's personal experience with Lorde+Belle's formulas has solidified her belief in the brand's mission. She is impressed by the effectiveness and use of high-quality, natural ingredients, further strengthening the partnership between Dr. Fischer and Lorde+Belle.

Empowering Individuals: A Journey of Confidence and Inner Radiance

Dr. Fischer's collaboration with Lorde+Belle represents a shared passion for empowering individuals to feel confident and embrace their natural beauty. Her expertise and insights will be invaluable in guiding Lorde+Belle's product development, ensuring the delivery of even more innovative and effective skincare solutions.

Embrace the future of beauty with Lorde+Belle and Dr. Beverly Fischer! As we embark on this exciting journey together, we invite you to discover the transformative power of high-quality skincare and embrace your own unique definition of beauty.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, exclusive insights from Dr. Fischer, and the latest innovations from Lorde+Belle!



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