Skincare habits that are keeping you away from having clear skin

You may have chosen every single one of your skincare products carefully but you still don’t get the desired results. Many people complain that they have tried every skincare product, and nothing has worked for them. They fail to realize is that many everyday habits are preventing you from reaching your skin goals.

What are some bad habits you need to stop right now? Read below.

1. Stop skipping your sunscreen!

If you struggle to get rid of your dark spots and hyperpigmentation, no matter how many active ingredients you use, you are set for failure without a sunscreen. Unprotected sun exposure damages skin cells and makes them produce more pigment resulting in dark spots and melasma. Also, UV rays are the second factor that causes wrinkles and premature aging. Sunscreen has not only cosmetical benefits but also health ones. It can prevent precancerous lesions and skin cancer. So make sure you use the adequate amount every day of the year.

2. Stop picking your skin

Popping a pimple in front of a mirror is very satisfying but it’s a very bad habit that you need to stop immediately. We are not professionals and when we pop a pimple, we create an entrance for bacteria to infect our skin. This infection will create more inflammation, bigger pimples and will result in stubborn hyperpigmentation.

On the other hand, stop touching your face so much during the day. It will introduce more dirt and impurities and it might be the reason why you are breaking out.

3. Not changing your towels/pillow cases often

Your face towel and pillow case have very close contact with your skin and they can be a place for bacterial growth that will make you break out. You should be changing them every few days and don’t share your face towel with other people.

Since we are talking about dirty things that are ruining our faces, on top of the list it’s your phone’s screen and face brushes/sponges. Our phone has so many bacteria on its surface, and when we are talking to people, it will be in contact with our skin and break us out. Also, a reminder to wash your brushes and beauty sponge every few days and do not share or use other people’s tools.

4. Sleeping with your makeup

At night, your skin starts to regenerate, and sleeping with your makeup on will do a lot of damage. It will not only cause breakouts and clogged pores, but it will also cause premature aging. It is recommended to double cleanse at night in order to remove every trace of makeup and impurity. We recommend the Cleansing Oil and Hydrating Cleanser by Lorde+Belle.

5. Bad lifestyle habits.

Smoking, drinking, eating a lot of sugar and processed food, not drinking enough water or not getting enough sleep are some bad lifestyle habits that affect your body and skin.

Smoking affects our kin in different ways. The chemicals in cigarettes destroy collagen and elastin production and delay wound healing because that act as vasoconstrictors (reduce blood circulation). Also, the constant act of smoking causes wrinkles around the lips and mouth.

Eating and drinking choices also make our skin appear older and cause acne. The lack of proteins and good fats will reduce collagen and elastin production and weaken the skin barrier. Sugar and fast food will worsen acne and lack of water will result in dehydrated skin.

Sleep helps skin to regenerate and lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep will make your skin breakout, look sensitized and create dark circles.



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