LB Health Ultimate Kit


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16pk LB Optimizer 3.0™, 30 caplets each

8pk LB Collagen 4.0™, 30 sticks each


LB Optimizer 3.0™:

LB OPTIMIZER 3.0 contains various herbal extracts, scientific absorption and healthy cooperation, make sure every nutrient is absorbed by our body. Not only meet health needs, but also pursue maximum efficiency.

**NRF2** is a transcription factor that is essential for maintaining the body’s antioxidant defense mechanisms and detoxification processes. When NRF2 is activated, it can enter the nucleus and initiate the expression of a variety of protective genes, which encode antioxidant enzymes and other protective proteins.

Our OPTIMIZER 3.0  helps increasing cells' antioxidant and detoxification ability to fight the signs of aging and to protect our body health.*

Enhances the antioxidant ability

Helps your body to detox

Fights the signs of aging


LB Collagen 4.0™:

LB Collagen 4.0™ harnesses an innovative product unleashing the unmatched power of Type 3 collagen with homologous (human-identical) Type 3 human collagen, proven to enhance skin elasticity and fortify bone health.

Unlike common collagen products that rely on guesswork or non-human sources like plant, fish or bovine, our advanced approach defies aging by delivering the rejuvenating benefits of homologous( human-identical ) Type 3 collagen essential for anti-aging & bone health.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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