A foundation that doubles as skincare? Count me in!

Choosing the right foundation can be difficult; matching the right shade, finish, and coverage. On top of that, it’s important to find the right formula for your skin type; some may leave your skin feeling oily or cakey and others may break you out. RealHer created PowerWear Liquid Foundation to be perfect for all skin types to provide perfect, breathable coverage. Whether it’s for a no-makeup-makeup look or a full coverage red carpet look, this foundation will make your skin looking gorgeous while repairing and protecting it too due to Probiotics and Blue Light

Why you’ll love it?
PowerWear Liquid Foundation is vegan and cruelty-free. It comes in 20 different shades to stay true to your natural skin tone. It’s lightweight, easily blendable, and perfectly buildable to get your desired coverage. PowerWear Liquid Foundation can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer or our Radiant Face Elixir for a no-makeup-makeup look, or apply it all over the face using the “Building My Empire" Makeup Applicator for a full-coverage look that will last all day.


More reasons you’ll love it.
While wearing PowerWear Liquid Foundation, you will be protecting and repairing your skin as well. It is formulated with Lactobacillus Probiotic, Lipigenine Extract and Blue Light Technology. 

  • Lactobacillus is a probiotic peptide created by the process of fermentation of Bacillus microorganisms that supports the health of skin’s microbiata. This ferment stimulates the growth of representative microorganisms on the surface of the skin thus strengthening it to fight acne-forming bacteria. This probiotic is also called an ‘agebiotic’. It has antioxidant properties, stronger than Vitamin C and E, which prevent premature aging. Studies have shown that bacillus ferment applied topically on the skin, helps with the synthesis of Collagen VII, Keratin, antioxidant enzymes, and other agents that form skin structure. This will result in younger and more elastic skin, all while wearing PowerWear Liquid Foundation.
  • Blue light technology. While there is a global awareness about sun protection, what is often neglected to be mentioned is the effect of Blue Light emitted from electronic devices on the skin. Research shows that blue light can lead to damage in your skin cells which can speed up the aging process. Another way blue light might be aging our skin is by causing pigmentation. Sunscreen does a great job protecting our skin from UVA and UVB rays, but they do nothing against blue light emitted from the sun and our digital devices. Our PowerWear Probiotic Foundation features a unique Blue Light Technology in the formula that keeps your skin safe thought-out the day. Apply it 20 minutes after your sunscreen and your skin will be fully protected.
  • Breathable Formulation. When most companies make a long-lasting foundation, they must add a "film former" ingredient, so that after applying the foundation stays in place and is more water resistant. The problem with adding a "film former" is that your face will sometimes feel tight, or looks heavy or unnatural. After years of research, RealHer developed a film former that's different from many in the market, it does form a film to make our foundation long lasting and water resistant too. But, if you were to look at this film under a microscope, there's actually little holes in it (imagine a plastic food wrap vs a net) , so your skin can breathe through the film. So when you’re wearing RealHer foundation, it feels lightweight and breathable, and when you touch your skin with our foundation on it, you cannot feel the foundation on top of your skin.
  • Lipigenine™ Extract helps to keep your skin barrier strong by increasing lipid synthesis that crate skin’s barrier. In synergy with the first two ingredients, keeps the skin looking healthy and hydrated.

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