Your ultimate Christmas gift guide!

Gifting season is here! There is nothing more heartwarming than preparing gifts for your loved ones. But we know that Christmas is an extremely busy holiday and if you’re thinking of making some lame last-minute gifts, you are wrong! We are have thought out everything for you and we have carefully created a Christmas gift guide for every type of person, that is far from basic. So, find the perfect gift for someone on your list, and remember in order for your ground shipping order to make it in time for the holiday, you’ll want to place your order by December 12!

Introduce your man to proper skincare. It’s undoubtedly a red flag seeing men wash their face (aggressively) with a harsh bar soap. Well, this Christmas let’s change those flags to green. Throw the bar soap away and get your man the Hydrating Cleanser by Lorde + Belle. It’s a very gentle yet effective cleanser that he will love suing, leaving his face noticeably softer after just one use. Bonus tip: you can use it too!

For the skincare expert. Lorde + Belle RegenPen cartridges! If you don’t know what gift to give your skincare expert friend because ‘they have tried everything’ (even our RegenPen!), gift them cartridges for their favorite skincare tool. The RegenPen utilizes cutting-edge Nano Technology™ to trigger the skin’s natural repair process and to achieve immediate and long-term skin rejuvenating results when used consistently. It comes with 5 silicone cartridges and the adjustable speed settings allow for at-home customization. The best part is that our cartridges are on sale until 31st of December. What are you waiting for?

For your trendy friends. Lorde + Belle Boosters! Powdered beauty products are all the rage in Korean skincare, and now with Lorde + Belle boosters you can get targeted skincare here in the U.S. as well. You can choose out from 5 of Lorde + Belle’s Boosters depending on their skin concerns, or get them The Booster Bundle! For the makeup newbie. RealHer Holiday Brush Set. It will be a perfect gift to help them explore different makeup products. REALHER brushes are vegan, cruelty-free, and created with synthetic nylon bristles making them ideal for powder, cream, and liquid products. It’s the best gift choice to help your makeup newbie friend apply the products easily.

For your MUA friend. RealHer Culture Color Palette will spark their creativity with its richly-pigmented hues and diverse textures. It contains 9 different colors, 4 different finishes, a blush and a highlighter. The color combinations are endless; from sparkly Christmas makeup looks toeveryday casual makeup.


For the burnt out CEO. Lorde+Belle HydraPure Mask. Your overworked friend will appreciate a luxurious experience with HydraPure Masks. Perfect for a quick hydration after a long day of work. HydraPure Masks use freeze-dried technology to lock in potent active ingredients without the use of preservatives. It helps you reveal softer, more hydrated skin in as little as 15 minutes.

For the artistic friend. RealHer Long Lasting Lip Gloss Set. 6 different shades, perfect to show their artistic side. Their patent-pending, non-stick formula maintains a beautiful shade all day long without drying lips. Each shade has a powerful name and will make them feel confident.

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